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This is the Fonseca Family! They flew all the way from Rhode Island to come visit their parents in Seattle and I was lucky enough to take their family photos while they were in town! What a fun session this was from start to finish. I especially loved when Tony asked his daughter to touch her nose on his nose. So cute!!! These images just make me smile because I can their laughter and giggles. So thankful to meet such wonderful families and enjoy our beautiful fall days. Discovery Park is amazing if anyone needs a new location for photos.

When Jordan Lydia emailed me and said she was interested in having an equestrian themed photo session with her husband, I knew I was game right away! I love that they wanted to do a session, just because. My kind of people! Jordan Lydia had expressed early on that she was happy to shoot in the rain and actually preferred it. We definitely had rain and totally embraced it! I’ve never seen two people look so good completely soaked! The entire session was shot at my Grandma Clara’s farm in Sultan, WA.  It was a beautiful opportunity to be creative and show my versatility as a photographer, not to mention, get in some good quality time with my Grandma. Thank you Jordan Lydia and Andrew! You inspire me to be a better photographer!