Poppi Photography, www.poppiphoto.com, Family Getaway SessionsI took this image on the way home from our trip to Leavenworth, Washington last December. Aren’t the starts just amazing?! We are just so tiny in comparison. I am in awe of the magic that is our Pacific Northwest. I love this image and wanted to share it with you.  In contrast to all previous blog posts from me, I’m going to write rather than post photos. For those of you who feel like getting to know me more on a personal level please read on!

For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out what I want my focus to be as a photographer. I’ve photographed births, newborns, families, senior photos, weddings, advertising, real estate and the list goes on. I’m so thankful for all the wonderful people who I’ve had the opportunity to work with! Thank you so much for picking me in a world where there are so many photographers! It’s clear to me now more than ever what I want Poppi Photography to be.  Here is my vision: I want to be your family getaway/day trip, lifestyle photographer. I want to explore nature and encourage families to spend time together outside in our beautiful surroundings. I want to provide you with artful memories of your time together, as well as create images of nature you can use as art for your home. I also want to add the option for an album of your day together. Here are some ideas for family getaways!

1. Beach 2. Hiking 3. Boating 4. Camping 5. Fruit picking 6. Canoeing 7. Biking 8. Mountain Exploring 9. Find a new town. 10. Take a ferry ride.

Do you find your self asking a stranger to take a family photo of you while on vacation? Do you find yourself saying, “I wish I had a better camera”? Are you ready for something different? Theses are all great reasons to start planning when to take a getaway with Poppi Photography! The first five people to book this session with me I will give 50% off! I want to create a body of work to show exactly what I envision. If you love the experience and the photos, all I ask is that you share with your friends and family! To view my pricing for “Family Getaway Session” please click here. If you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions for this type of session, I’m all ears. Please email me at kristina@poppiphoto.com Thank you!


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