This is my Grandma!!!! She is my Southern California, artsy, life-loving Grandma. She is known in my family as “Ya Ya”. Last week I had the opportunity to go visit her for three days at my Aunt’s House in Burbank, CA. She will be turning 90 (that’s right…I said 90!) in May of 2013. We did this photo session for her upcoming party and invitations. I have to thank Geronimo Balloons for providing me the most fun prop I’ve worked with on a shoot. She said she felt like the little boy in the book, The Little Prince. She was going to float away to another planet! (This is also her favorite book) The balloon and photo session were a total surprise to my Grandma and clearly made for awesome photos! It’s hard to express how much I love this woman! Over the past year we talked on the phone more than ever and we have a deep connection that has become so special to me. While I was there she showed me old photo albums of her life and we chatted over fresh lemonade from my Aunt’s Garden. For the record, my Aunt Rayna’s lemonade is my favorite thing on this planet! It was such a GREAT trip and I plan on going there as frequently as possible. Can’t wait to go back! Love you Ya Ya, Rayna, Doug, Ray, Taylor, Ethan, Erin, Ella & Elan!


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