Jared and I were simply at the beach to take photos of the sunset, that was it. So when this humpback whale jumped out of the water we were AMAZED! I can’t believe I actually got photos of it. I was smiling ear to ear the rest of the night. Some days when swimming in the ocean you hold your breath and hear them talking to each other. The day before we came home we went on a whale watching boat ride. Here is some of what I captured.


This baby whale above did approximately 10 jumps in a row for us. I think he was proud of the new trick he learned. They are beautiful creatures and I’m glad to know their population is growing by 7% every year. The coolest part was hearing them breath and seeing the water shoot up into the air. If you go to Maui, definitely go during whale season! The rest of these photos are what I’m calling my “Mars” exploration. Mount Haleakala and the south shore of the island are so wild looking. The lava rock makes for some crazy terrain.  The hike we did was a four mile trek called “King’s Trail” along Maui’s lava covered coastline. There were ancient ruins and little wild goats to see. I do not recommend this hike to anyone with little kids. It was tough! The last image shows what we walked on the whole trail. So happy we wore shoes and not sandals.