Hi Kristina,

I’ve been thinking about you every minute constantly with warm wonderful memories! My goodness, you were such a dear! To come and be with me…it was just magic! Today I put the balloon in my bedroom and I stretched the tails across the top of my window and I separated all the tissue paper tassels. Oh my goodness, that took about an hour! We could have fluffed that up quite a bit! Anyway, I know you’ve had a marvelous trip and you’ve just left love and laughter wherever you were and I love you so much. And thank you! Thank you so much for surprising me and just wanting to come. We’ll do it again! I love you! Happy Traveling and love to Jared. Bye bye!

-Grammy Crystal (AKA: Ya Ya)

This is the voicemail my Grandma left me when I was traveling home. The time I spent with her brought joy to my soul and I never want to forget what a wonderful trip I had. This is me, just blogging to remember.


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